"Krabbenjunx" is the title of my self created comic series.

In form of a classic comic strip format, it tells the humorous adventures of two nothern german teenagers, Kai and Ole, who are trained as shrimp fishers by the old mariner captain Olgi.

Kai, a lazy guy from Berlin, and the inventive, but rather shy Ole transform the dayly routine of their captain into an ordeal. Together they find themselves in the craziest situations and adventures on bord of the "Wind nose"..

The „Krabbenjunx“ were created in 1998 and first released in the „Nordfriesland Palette“ from 1998 to 1999.
Since 2006 new and revised comic strips haven been created and released sporadicaly. The release of an entire comic album containing all their adventures is planned.

You can find some "Krabbenjunx" illustrations and comic strips in the section "Comic Art & Illustration".
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